Piddlin Acres Patriot
Neightnkevs Winnifred
CH Neightnkevs Cody's Brody
- Pedigree -
Neightnkevs X Edie
Neightnkevs Ediez Zeide
Neightnkevs Tye-Grrr
Herzinger's Zip Tye *S
MCH Herzinger's TC Happiness
CH Neightnkevs Cody's Brody
Little Tots Estate Cody Blue
Little Tots Estate Ageratum
CH Buttin' Heads Red Branch Legend *S
Buttin' Heads Galzipping Ghost
CH/ARMCH Buttin' Heads Wedding Song 3*D
Woodhaven Farms Rand McNally
PGCH Woodhaven Farms Cowgirl
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Sire - Little Tots Estate Cody Blue
Dam - Neightnkevs Ediez Zeidi (Pumpkin)
- Reference Pictures -
Maternal Great Grand Dam - Neightnkevs Winnifred
Maternal Grand Sire - Neightnkevs Tye-Grrr
Maternal Grand Dam - Neightnkevs X Edie
Maternal Great Grand Sire - Piddlin Acres Patriot (Riot)
- MCH Herzinger's TC Happiness (Happy)
- Herzinger's Zip Tye *S
Maternal Great Grand Dam & Maternal Great Great Grand Dam
Maternal Great Grand Sire & Maternal Great Great Grand Sire
(EEEE 91)
(VVE 87)
Daughter - Neightnkevs Frostbite (Best Junior Doe in Show at the 2015 UDGA Show!)