MCH QSF Chopin's Tchaikovsky
QSF DTI Faith *D AR1781
Piddlin Acres SC Chopin
Twin Creeks MF Lady Hawk
Artist's Eye Dressed To Impress
Piddlin Acres Twilight
MCH Herzinger's TC Happiness
MCH Herzinger's TC Happiness
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Piddlin Acres Shortchange
Piddlin Acres Concerto
Goodwood Maltese Falcon *S VG
MCH/PGCH Raha Twink's Pixie *D 'E
Ponders End The Full Monty
Ponders End CR Chardonnay
MCH Piddlin Acres Neon Deion
Piddlin Acres Midnight Star 'E'
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Happy Side View & Rear Udder View - May 2006
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Daughter - Neightnkevs Venetia
Granddaughter - Neightnkevs X-Edie