Reference Page -
Animals found on this page are no longer in our herd but as they have left
an impression on the herd, I wanted them to be included on the website.
Piddlin Acres Patriot
Riot only lived with us for a short breeding season but gave us several
beautiful daughters; see Edie above.
Prarie Wood Blue Marshmellow
Marshy was a sweet older doe who gave us a couple of daughters,
Ginny and
Wilma. I'm sad that I never got a proper show picture of her
but at least I do have a picture. She produced a lot of milk and was even
Reserve Grand Champion once. We miss Marshy.
Neightnkevs Miss Valerie Waffles
Miss Valerie Waffles was Ava's first doe kid. She is another lovely Tye
At five years old, with freshenings where she dam raised her kids, her udder
is still socked on!
Neightnkevs Winnifred
Winnie's Pedigree
Neightnkevs Ediez Zeidi
Pumpkin's lineage can be see all through-out this page and her daughter
can be found on our
Junior Doe Page.
Neightnkevs Virginia
Ginny was the first kid born our farm. She was a beautiful doe who also
won Junior Grand Champion a couple of times.
Herzinger's Zip Tye *S
Tye was our first buck and left a lasting impression on the herd. We have
kept several daughters and now grandkids as well.
Neightnkevs Tye-Grrr
Tye-Grrr is a full brother to Winnifred. He was a handsome buck
but a fence jumper so he didn't stay here long. Sire to Zeidi below.
Neightnkevs Willamina Joyce
Wilma was a favorite from Day 1! She was a nice deep wide doe that
also had excellent dairy character. See her daughters
Wilma's Pedigree
Neightnkevs X Edie
Our lovely Edie-kins has now moved on to a new herd. Shown her as
a dry yearling, Edie was a lovely Riot daughter.
Edie's Pedigree
MCH Herzinger's TC Happiness
The doe that helped start it all! One of our first Nigerians has now
moved on but she left on a high note after kidding with triplet daughters!
Happy - Side and Rear Udder shot at a Fuzzy show in
June 06
Happy's Pedigree
Neightnkevs Zira Euphia
Zira is the daughter of Wilma and Buckwheat. She is a very dairy little
doe. She stood 1st in her class at all four shows she went to as a first
Zipporah is the daughter of Venetia and Cody. She is a lovely doe and
was a great easy milker giving about 3 pounds a day as a first freshener.
Pumpkin's Pedigree
Winnie was a beautiful dairy goat with the nicest skin. She also had a
lovely udder. She is the product of
Happy and Tye.
Zira's pedigree
Little Tots Estate Cody Blue
him, we let me go to a new home with good friends. Cody was an
awesome buck!
Cody's Pedigree